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What's New from our Webcam Software

Apr, 2020

Older version of Microsoft's Livecam software may cause a conflict with Watcher and RemoteView's video streaming

Thanks to one of our kind customers Jean, who provided valuable input to one problem that bothered us for a long time, her email below:

I don't know if you remember me I sent you a screenshot of remote view because the image was full of garbage (note from Digi-Watcher: video streaming works well on our PCs and on most of our customers' PCs). Well, after investigation I found out that Livecam Software from Microsoft was causing the problem. I killed the process in memory and bang the problems was over... :-) I went to the Microsoft website and downloaded Livecam 3.6 and this also fixed the problems without killing the process :-) I hope you will find this info useful for others registered Users

Note, no software update to Watcher or RemoteView is required. You may realize that we have not updated our software Watcher for quite some time, that's because Watcher has become so mature and steady that there is really no necessity to update it.


Feb, 2010

New version 2.35 of Watcher is released!

1. Fixed NT service problem on Vista and Windows 7.

2. Some other minor bug fixing

Note, non-Vista/Win7 users do not need to update to this version.


Jul, 2009

Watcher on Sky News from UK. Sky News investigation used digi-watcher to catch rogue PC repairers, and published the video on this story on July 22, 2009.


Mar, 2009

New version 2.34 of Watcher is released!

1. Stealth mode function is removed upon customers' request.

For previous version 2.33 with stealth mode, please download from this link


Aug, 2008

New version 2.33 of Watcher is released!

1. Some Windows Vista incompatibility problems (registration related) were corrected.

2. Help documentation is updated.


Apr, 2007

Minor update of Watcher setup file

1. Button display problem on Win98/ME was corrected.

2. Version number stays the same as 2.32, as this is a simple correction of a minor button display problem occurring only on Win98/ME.


Feb, 2007

New version 2.32 of Watcher is released!

1. Video log list can now be viewed with preview images (in html form).

2. Under Watcher's 'logs' tab, you can now select multiple files and play them (in sequence).

3. Updated Email-alert function, it can now use SMTP servers which require SSL connection, for example, Yahoo, Gmail.

4. Updated recording function, you can now set it to automatically spawn a new video file every 20 minutes or at your specified time interval.

5. Updated scheduler dialog.


Oct, 2006

Watcher featured on Canada CTV.

As informed by our customer Charlie, Watcher captured a crime where two kids broke into his house, the video was sent to police and broadcasted in nightly news, the parents of one of the kids recognised his son committing a break and enter, and turned him in to police. The whole story was later shown again on CTV news. The video clip from the nightly news is available on request.

May 9th, 2006

New version 2.31 of Watcher is released!

1. Enhanced broadcasting function, to allow for temporary internet connection drop.

2. Solved the occasional button text fading out problem.

3. Improved video playback slider bar for better random point access.


June 25th, 2005

New version 2.30 of Watcher is released!

1. Added snapshot function. A snapshot can be taken even when Watcher is monitoring, recording video, broadcasting, or streaming video.

2. Fixed a minor bug of local web server authentication.

3. Modified installation package, now the installation file is smaller, thanks to new compression.

4. Improved video playback status message, now it can show the playback speed.


RemoteView is also updated to version 1.50.


Oct 1st, 2004

New version 2.22 of Watcher is released, this is a minor version upgrade.

1. Allow changes of timestamp format..

2. Email Alert function now supports not only emailing images, but also emailing video clips upon motion detection.

January 17th, 2004

New version 2.21 of Watcher is released:

1. Watcher can now run as an NT service.

2. Auto-deletion of old video log files.

3. Allow simultaneous recording and broadcasting, and allow auto-start of recording (scheduling of recording).

4. Enhanced error handling during FTP broadcasting.

November 15th, 2003

New version 2.20 of Watcher is released:

1. Watcher now utilizes the latest DirectShow technology. This means that Watcher can support more cameras, both VfW and WDM compatible models.

2. Some minor bug fixings.

October 1st, 2003

New version 2.11 of Watcher is released:

1. Fixed a minor bug on audio input. 

2. Fixed image path in file broadcast.html for remote broadcasting function.

August 16th, 2003

New version 2.10 of Watcher and 1.40 of RemoteView are released! Exciting new video surveillance features added to this release are:

1. Support for bigger video frame size, 640x480.

2. Support for Audio for recording, monitoring and remote video streaming.

3. Remote access of video log clips that are logged during webcam monitoring.

4. "dgw" file extension is now associated with Watcher software.

5. Fixed "StopSeq" error experienced on certain PCs.

Mar 8th, 2003

New version 2.03 of Watcher is released! The new features added are:

1. Allow simultaneous motion monitoring and broadcasting! (simultaneous monitoring and listening for remote connection is already supported).

2. Minor feature enhancements..

Jan 1st, 2003

New version 2.02 of Watcher is released! The new features added are:

1. Allow users to store up to 60 frames (approximately 6 seconds) of video even before the motion is detected, so that minor motions will not be missed out.

2. Several minor bugs fixing, including the webcam broadcasting interval bug.

3. Fine-tuned timestamp on recorded video.

Oct 9th, 2002

Version 2.01 of Watcher is released! This version corrects several minor bugs of the previous 2.00 version, including Email Alert bug.

Aug, 2002

Vversion 2.00 of Watcher is released! This version add a lot more functionalities to Watcher, making it a truly total video surveillance solution for your home security. The new features added are:

1. Camera image broadcasting, to remote ftp server or local web server.

2. Watcher now can do FTP alert and E-Mail alert upon motion detection.

3. Watcher now  provides masking feature for better motion detection.

4. Watcher now provides option to add a time stamp to video files and JPEG files.

5. Better log file play back support. You can now use sliding bar to control the playing. You can even merge multiple video log files into one file and play back.


Registered user can upgrade to this new version for free! Please download the new version from the download page, and install it.

Aug, 2002

Version 1.36 for both Watcher and RemoteView are released! This new version has totally changed both Watcher and RemoteView's user interface. 

July, 2002

Version 1.35 for both Watcher and RemoteView are released! New features include:

1. Watcher can now be scheduled to run at your desired time using the Watcher Scheduler.

2.Watcher and RemoteView now provides enhanced multi-cam solution. We are proud to announce that our software is going to be the definite choice for those looking for cheap and good multi-cam solution. 

3. RemoteView now supports both hostname and digital IP address to connect to Watcher.

4. Performance enhancement.

April, 2002

Version 1.34 for both Watcher and RemoteView are released! New features include:

1. Watcher can now run in a total hidden mode.

2. You can select frame rate when converting dgw to avi file

3. Frame rate selection when recording or webcam monitoring

4. Fixed some small bugs in previous versions.

February, 2002

Version 1.33 for both Watcher and RemoteView are released! New features include:

1. Speed optimization.

2. Conversion from DGW file to AVI file.

3. Auto start for both Watcher and RemoteView

4. Auto start monitor and listen for Watcher upon launch

5. Hidden mode support

6. Better log file management

7. Integration with Winnov for multiple cameras.

8. Fixed bugs in previous versions.

December, 2001

Alliance with Winnov, Manufacturer of Video Capture Hardware. They will ship our software on the CD with their hardware product in a short time.

Please refer to our multi-cam page for more information.

November, 2001

Users on certain networks experience problems with TCP/IP connection. This new version 1.32 fixes this problem.

August, 2001

New version 1.31 for both Watcher and RemoteView.  Some minor bugs were reported by various users, and they have been fixed. Also the incompatibility with some webcams were resolved.

Please note that version 1.31 uses a different registration code.  Existing users, when upgrading to 1.31, please kindly e-mail us with new serial codes so that we can give you new registration codes.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

June, 2001

New version 1.30 for both Watcher and RemoteView have been just released! We now support more webcams (virtually all webcams in the market) and support for Win2K and WinNT!

New features have been added:

1. Password protection (for RemoteView to connect to Watcher)

2. RemoteView is now able to save streamed video into its local hard disk.

3. Upon motion detection, Watcher can now optionally launch an application or open a file (*.doc, *.html,...) of your choice.

4. Motion monitoring sensitivity was adjusted, and users may now have more options.

May, 2001

Watcher version 1.21 and RemoteView 1.21 released.  Bug fixing in installation package (previously there was a problem when you intend to change a installation directory).  Update of documentation.

April, 2001

Proudly rated as 5 cows by Tucows.  Many thanks to Brad Smith, and his compliment "It works like a charm". :-)

March, 2001

Watcher 1.2 and RemoteView 1.2 released. Fixed bugs in Watcher and RemoteView. Video compression and real-time video transmission were enhanced. Changed icons. Enhanced motion sensitivity adjustment settings.

Feb, 2001

Watcher 1.1 and RemoteView 1.1 released. Phone-Alert feature added. Changed to a professional UI. Thanks to Mable for providing a cute and nice UI.

Jan, 2001

Watcher 1.0 and RemoteView 1.0 released. Finished installation package and ready to upload!

July, 2000

Came out with the idea of remote video surveillance software, as there is no cheap and good solution in the market. Aiming to develop a cheap, robust and user-friendly home monitoring and webcam surveillance software.

Digi-Watcher.com. - A total solution for digital home security


Last updated 16-Apr-2020.



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