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System and Webcam Requirement

Minimum system requirement:

  • Pentium 2; its equivalent; or above.

  • Operating System: Win98/ME; WinNT/Win2000/XP; Vista; Windows 7.

  • 32MB of RAM

To use the Watcher software, you need to have:

  • A camera properly installed.  It can be either a USB webcam, or an analog camera with video capture card, or a wireless cam with a USB receiver at PC end.  As long as the webcam or the capture card is either Microsoft's WDM compatible or VfW (video for windows) compatible, it will work with Watcher (most of them in the market are either WDM or VfW compatible). Click here for a list of cameras models that have been tested with our software.

  • (If you are looking for multi-cam solution using switchable capture card, please refer to our page on webcam software for multi-cam here.)

  • A dial-up modem (PSTN modem) if you want to use modem-to-modem direct connection for remote video streaming, or you want to use the phone alert feature.

  • Internet access (Cable, DSL, LAN, T1, dial-up, etc) if you want to listen on TCP/IP for RemoteView connection, or broadcast (publish) images on remote website.

To use the RemoteView Software, you need to have:

  • A dial-up modem (PSTN modem) if you want to use the modem-to-modem connection to connect to the camera (Watcher) for remote video streaming.

  • Internet access (Cable, DSL, LAN, T1, dial-up, etc)  if you want to use TCP/IP connection to connect to Watcher for remote video surveillance.

List of cameras models that have been successfully tested with Watcher:


These are not listed in alphabetical order, so please do a search (your internet browser's Find function) for your model's keyword. (Note: Cameras not listed here do not mean that they will not work with Watcher. As long as your camera supports Microsoft's VfW or WDM, it should work with Watcher. Please email us if your working camera model is not listed here,  for the benefit of other customers)

  • All webcam models by Creative Labs, Inc.
  • Logitech QuickCam, Logitech Notebook USB..
  • IBM Net Cam. 
  • IBM PC Camera.
  • X10 cameras.
  • Intel Easy PC Camera, Intel Web Cam Deluxe
  • Sumsung webcam.
  • Labtech webcam.
  • 3Com HomeConnect USB camera.
  • ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder
  • Compusa USB cam
  • EZCam series USB camera by Ezonics.
  • DNT Camstick 2
  • Micro Innovations
  • Orange Micro's: IBot2
  • Dazzle* Digital Video Creator by Dazzle Multimedia
  • Kodak Webcam
  • Kodak DVC
  • Mini-Cube Camera (wireless) & Cop Security USB Receiver
  • CleverCam
  • AverMedia InterCam-Elite USB camera.
  • Hauppauge WinTV Products.
  • Nogatech CaptureVision PCMCIA card.
  • Videum capture card by Winnov.
  • BigPicture video capture board and camera by 3Com.
  • COMPRO PS39 Digital Camera by ACS Innovations
  • Philips USB and parallel port cameras.
  • The SmartOne by Best Data
  • Cinergy 400 tv capture
  • Hauppauge Win/TV
  • Sony Hi8 cams with VfW compatible capture cards.
  • Grandtech capture card.
  • Chronos Tv tuner/capture card
  • Dexxa webcam
  • HiVal Notebook Cam
  • Mini-Cube Camera (wireless) & Cop Security USB Receiver
  • DLink DSB cam.
  • DXG Tech. Corp. (DATRON)
  • Veo Stinger/veo stingray
  • Veo PC camera
  • Lifeview flyview TV tuner card.
  • 3DeMON PV951T
  • Logitech ClickSmart
  • NOGATECH USB  single port adapter
  • Philips ToUCam
  • Mustek PC Cam
  • Jetway TV tuner card
  • Belkin analog to USB converter
  • XirLink PC camera
  • WPRO USB video grabber
  • Osprey-100 capture cards
  • Phoebe videocat camera
  • Aiptek Pencam
  • Brook Tree card
  • Swann outdoor colour cam
  • Pinnacle card
  • Pinnacle Dazzle Video Capture/Creater cable
  • GE Easy cam Plus
  • Genius web camera
  • IOMagix
  • WinTVGo
  • Sipix StyleCam Blink
  • Fly Video TV capture card
  • GE minicam pro
  • SmileCam
  • Nisis DV
  • DV4000 MUSTEK
  • Trust wireless cam
  • Lego Camera
  • Genius DVR
  • Sony Desktop Cam
  • Aver TV
  • Winfast PVR
  • Winfast USB capture device
  • VIMICRO USB webcam
  • Leadtek
  • Swann Night Hawk Wireless Camera
  • DigitalVision PCI Adapter
  • Dual mode DSC pencam
  • Apache Zuni Eye USB Cam
  • Conexant BT878
  • FujiFilm FinePix Camera
  • VA11A USB Video capture
  • PINE Cam PC-30
  • Piranha webcam
  • Sony Digital Handycam - dcr trv19
  • Playstation 2 eyetoy
  • Trendnet camera
  • XTV TV Box and Video Capture Adaptor
  • Elro wireless outdoor cam
  • Starcam 370i
  • ZTV Wireless camera with ZTV 4-channel USB wireless receiver
  • Alphacam
  • SoC PC Camera
  • A4Tech webcam
  • SONY 1/3" Super HAD CCD
  • Microsoft lifecam
  • Acer Orbi-cam
  • Prolynkz webcam
  • Lorex webcam
  • Hercules Deluxe Optical Glass
  • Samsung Pleomax
  • Provision ISR
  • US Robotics (USR)
  • Konig webcam
  • Packard Bell PB-WC100
  • Trust 320 spacecam
  • Bush webcam - A webcam software for digital video surveillance

Last updated 11-May-2017.


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