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Please note that due to the recent outbreak of virus (SoBig.F, Blaster, etc), all emails with size bigger than 90KB or with suspicious subjects will be automatically removed!

If you encounter errors when trying out our software:

Step 1: Read the on-line help

The help files contain step-by-step installation guide ('Getting Started') and also explains how to solve some common problems.

Step 2: Read the FAQ page and Trouble-shooting page.


Step 3: Write us: Please clearly describe your problem, and if necessary please don't forget to include error messages you have observed, your camera model (if it is video problem), your modem model (if it is modem problem), your Operating System, and CPU speed.

Press Release:

Feel free to use our press release at this page.

Re-seller and Partner Questions:

If you want to be our re-seller or partner to help us to distribute our webcam software (physically or via internet), please refer to our partner page or contact to discuss details.

Web related:

If you find any dead links, or any problem with this website, please e-mail - A total solution for digital home security

Last updated 01-May-2020.



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